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Point Of Sales (POS)

Computer cash register system, whether single or multiple retail outlets of the chain store group, are suitable for use in any industry.

  • Cashier saving time, improve efficiency and reduce the time customers pending
  • The system for up to 1,000 branches
  • Fashion version supports different combinations of stocks (such as: style, color, size)
  • Handling customer deposits and the balance paid
  • Users can set their own variety of Payment methods Cash, Visa, Master, AE, cash vouchers
  • The freedom and flexibility of the multiple discount functions - to buy pieces of different or the same goods are entitled to special, different times for different prices, buy three get one, where the consumer can enjoy 20% full specified amount, discount programs, discounts or different audience discounts for different customers
  • Bar code products can be made, members of bar code, bar code suppliers
  • Report analysis over a hundred models, in addition to on-screen display or printing, but also the freedom to choose various types of report output to Excel, DBF, etc.
  • Limit each user's permissions to prevent data leakage
  • Support pounds, two pounds of money and can be connected to electronic
  • Real-time exchange of Chinese and English interface
  • Stock-inventory of selectable laser machine, download the inventory number to the inventory after the cash register
  • Support member functions, member data records, consumption records of individuals may have different discount